Bachelors of Business Computing

The Bachelor of Business Computing (BBC) programme equips graduates with both business management skills and skills in information technology. It combines the key aspects of Information Technology (covering areas such as software development, communication networks, security, systems analysis, databases, etc.) with the key aspects of business such as accounting, operations management, organization behavior, etc. This combination of skills and knowledge prepares graduates to be immediately productive in the modern industry.

The BBC course is intended to produce ICT graduates with requisite management and business skills capable of managing ICT organizations and ICT departments, either in employment or in self-employment. Graduates should be capable of starting and managing businesses by applying ICT know how and business skills in order to leverage ICT as vehicle for strategic advantage in business.

Year of Study Semester Course Code Course Name
Year One Semester One BBC 1100 Business Communication Skills
    BCS 1101 Computer Fundamentals & Application
    BITE 1102 Networking Fundamentals
    BITE 1102 Principles of Accounting I
    BBC 1101 Principles of Management
    BBC 1102 Introduction to Micro Economics
Year One Semester Two BBC 1200 Principles of Accounting II
    BBC 1202 Introduction to Macro Economics
    BITE 1201 Website Development
    BITE 1205 Foundations of Information Systems
    BBC 1201 Research Methodology
    BITE 1103 Programming Principles
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
Option I Tailoring Fashion & Design VHDT01 Hair Dressing Techniques
    VHDT02 Barbering and Hair Styling Techniques
Option II Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy VFD01 General Garment Construction
    VFD02 General Fashion Designing
Option II Pastry & Baking VPB01 Kitchen layout and Operations
    VPB02 Pastry and Baking Techniques.
Option III Catering & Food Production VCFP01 Kitchen layout and Operations
    VCFP02 Food Production & Nutrition
Year Two Semester One BAM2101 Intermediate Accounting
    BAM2102 Principles of Marketing
    BAM2103 Human Resource Management
    BAM2104 Financial Management
    BAM2105 Business Statistics
    BAM2106 Production and operations Management
Year Two Semester Two BAM2201 Management of Information Systems
    BAM2202 Research Methods
    BAM2203 Principles of Taxation
    BAM2204 Principles of Entrepreneurship
    BAM2205 Cost and Management Accounting
    BAM2206 Company Law
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
Option I Tailoring Fashion & Design VFD03 Design Creation and Presentation of Boards
    VFD04 Fabric Pattern Styling
Option II Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy VHDT03 Beauty Therapy Techniques
    VHDT04 Quality Assurance Assessment Techniques, Process and Practice.
Option III Pastry & Baking VPB03 Bread and Dough Productions
    VPB04 Cake Making and Decoration
Option IV Catering & Food Production VCFP03 Methods and Preparation of Fast Foods and Snacks.
    VCFP04 Practical Food Service, Preparation and Perseveration Techniques
Option V Television, Film & Radio Programs VTFRP03 Television/Radio Presentation Skills
    VTFRP04 Video Editing, Computer Graphics and Animations.
Year Three Semester One BITE 2201 Advanced Information Technology
    BBC 3100 E-Commerce
    BCS 3101 Database Management Systems II
    BBC 3102 Auditing
    BITE 2102 Systems Administration and Maintenance
1 Elective   BBC 3103 Advertising & Sales Promotion
    BCS 3103 Computer Graphics
    BITE 3204 Information Assurance and Security
Year Three Semester Two BBC 3200 Taxation & Tax Policy
    BITE 2201 Data Communications & Networks
    BITE 3104 Integrative Programming & Technologies
    BBC 3202 BBC Research Project
1 Elective   BBC 3203 Business Policy and Strategy
    BBC 3204 Procurement & Logistics Management
    BBC 3205 Advanced Auditing
Year One Recess Term Recess Term Recess Term
Option I Tailoring Fashion & Design VFD04 Modeling, Decorative Design & Fashion Analysis
    VFDIP Integrated Project
Option II Hairdressing & Beauty Therapy VHDT05 Beauty Therapy Treatments and Body Massage
    VHDTIP Integrated Project

Programme Objectives

BBC graduates are ideally placed to work either in the business software industry and developing the use of IT in business. Others will take up Managerial positions in ICT- based sectors, and other positions such as Web-Designers, business planners, Systems Analysts, Project Managers, and Lecturers. Others take up further studies in Business Computing; while others will use the vocational skills acquired in this course to start up their own business.

Possible employers range from consulting firms to ICT users such as the government, banks and insurance industry. The course also trains students to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses with aid of ICT’s and vocational studies. Others will take up further studies in Information Technology related courses.

Direct Entry: A candidate must have five (5) passes at O'Level or its equivalent and 2 principal passes at A'Level obtained at the same sitting or its equivalent

Mature Age Entry: Applicants shall sit for Mature Age Entry scheme examination of those insititutions Mandated by NHCE to conduct those exams.(Makerere University, Kyambogo,IUIU and Gulu University).

Diploma Holders: A candidate shall be admitted to the program if she/he has a relevant diploma award from a recognized institution of higher learning.

Fees/Semester (UGX) Years of Study
1,280,000 3

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